Naming Conventions

o42a source file names are case insensitive.

The files with the names starting from dot (‘.‘) or underscore (‘_‘) are ignored by compiler.


The file name may contain arbitrary text after the double underscore (‘__‘). This part is considered a comment and is meaningless to compiler:


The meaningful part of the name, depending on the file contents, should be:

Contents Name format
Module <module name>
New field declaration <field name>
Field override <field name> ['**@**' <ascendant>]
New adapter declaration '@' <interface>
Adapter override '@' <interface> ['@' <ascendant>]

The <module name> and <field name> are case insensitive names, encoded with the following rules:

  • words can be separated either by spaces or underscores;
  • name should not contain both spaces and underscores;
  • there shouldn’t be two subsequent word separators;
  • if the word separator can be omitted (e.g. between word and number, word and hyphen, number and hyphen), it should be omitted.

The <interface> and <ascendant> are references, literally present in the field declarations inside the file and encoded by replacing colons (‘:‘) with dots (‘.‘).

Some examples of valid names:

New field.o42a
Overridden field__base object is optional here.o42a
overridden_field@module.container.base_object__compound ascendant.o42a

@Another Adapter.o42a
@container_object.adapter__compound adapter.o42a
@Overridden Adapter@base_object__different names encoded differently.o42a