o42a-0.1.0 Release Notes

This is an initial release of o42a programming language. It is intended for introduction of the main language concepts and is a result of two and a half years of development.

This is a draft implementation. It’s still missing many of the important language features and has a very basic runtime library. But this is enough to start writing simplest programs to getting familiar with o42a.

The only supported platform is GNUL/Linux x86_64.

Known Issues

  • Garbage collector not implemented yet.
  • Intrinsic and ascendant references not implemented.
  • Conditional field declarations not implemented.
  • Intermediate expression results not cached, which may cause the code intended for the one-time execution to be executed multiple times.
  • Test coverage is weak. This especially affects an imperative code.
  • Normalization (executable code redundancy elimination) is not good enough. Generated executables are too big and compilation of a big enough programs is too slow.


Source code is available for download under the terms of GNU General Public License, version 3.

Installation instructions available in the INSTALL file inside source code rchive and here.