o42a-0.1.1 Release Notes

This is a maintenance release of o42a. It seriously improves the compiler performance and provides the support for arbitrary source file encodings.


Compiler Memory Consumption Decreased

The o42ac in release 0.1.0 was able to compile the test suite with --vmargs -Xmx576m (which means the maximum memory allocation pool set to 576 megabytes) and was unable to compile it with lesser memory limit.

Now, the same suite can be compiled with --vmargs -Xmx160m, which means that compiler consumes over 70% less memory.

Compiler Performance Increased

The test suite compilation time decreased from 8.5 seconds in 0.1.0 to 4.9 seconds in 0.1.1 on my overclocked Core i7, which means that compiler works more than 40% faster.

New Features

New o42ac options:

  • -encoding, -E - source files encoding (UTF-8 by default);
  • -F - a shorthand for -format option.

Bug Fixes

Proper support for supplementary code points in source files.