o42a-0.1.7 Release Notes

Sentences And Value Definition

Declarative sentences are treated the same way as imperative ones. The value definition consists of claims and propositions, which are evaluated in order. The derived claims always evaluated before the explicit claims and propositions. The derived propositions are executed automatically if the value is not overridden.

The sentences can be separated with colons and semicolons only. The opposite separator (vertical line) is gone, replaced by a semicolon.

Logical Values

With a new sentence semantics, the “unknown” logical value is no longer produced. The logical values can only be “true” or “false”. The logic is Boolean now.

So, the known (+-) and unknown (-+) unary logical operators are no longer needed and were removed.


The ascendant reference (^<ascendant>^) is no longer supported.

Due to the value definition changes, the following intrinsic references support were removed:

  • $value$
  • $condition$
  • $requirement$
  • $claim$
  • $proposition$

So, the intrinsic references are used only inside clauses now.